Guiding you to confidently conduct market research calls which generate qualified leads and new sales in your business

A 3 module, 9 lesson course

Tell me if this sounds like you...

You avoid doing market research because it seems confusing and difficult

You waste time creating Instagram content that gets ignored

You’re constantly wondering where your next potential client is hanging out

You’re creating offers worrying that the launch is gonna flop

After working through Calls That Convert you will:

Have a pool of new, qualified leads who trust you

Have a crystal clear plan to run market research calls with confidence

Be able to create content & new offers that have people saying

Know exactly how to attract and grow your audience with qualified ideal clients

‘hell yes, that’s for me!’

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With the information you collect in your market research calls, you'll also be able to:

And I’m          just talking about Instagram content!


Write your sales pages with ease because you know exactly what your ideal clients want and need from you

Manage discovery calls with confidence and start landing clients consistently

Sign high-ticket clients through DM conversations without having to hop on sales calls, if you don't want to

Getting to know your target audience is the key to making consistent sales

I felt like I’d cracked a secret code!

I made this course because

once I                 began receiving enquiries from dream clients,


For months I:

Wasted time & energy doing research wrong because I couldn’t find anything to guide me

Was confused & doubted myself even more after collecting information that was irrelevant

I ignored the advice ‘get to know your ideal clients inside out’ because it seemed boring & repetitive

I threw money away on investments that in the end needed to be redone because I didn’t actually know what my clients needed and wanted

And because of this, I struggled to make consistent sales for months.

Collecting effective market research led me to receiving consistent enquiries from my dream clients, all while spending less time creating content. I can work smarter, not harder, because I know exactly what my audience needs and wants from me.

Once I figured out how to attract enquiries from people I was ecstatic to work with, I started helping my 1:1 clients do the same.

And now, I'm teaching you too.

Calls That Convert gives you a step-by step-plan to collect market research so that:

You know how to convert your audience into paying clients because you know what they value

You can attract dream clients with ease because your marketing is tailored to them

You go into every launch knowing that it will be a success because you’ve already got ideal client’s feedback

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Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

define Your Target Audience

conduct Market Research Calls

Create Content That Converts

What's included?

Get crystal clear on who your dream clients actually are so you can find them online and start collecting market research from the

How effective market research will completely change your business, how to prompt your dream clients to take part in your market research, and how to structure your calls and conduct them with

Create a strategic plan to take the data from your calls and turn it into content that speaks directly to your ideal clients and converts them into

right people.


paying clients.

bonus 1

bonus 2

bonus 3

50+ market research questions

Content planning spreadsheet

scripts to find participants

Extra Resources

Complete list of 50+ possible questions to ask on the calls, broken up into categories

Organise your research findings in this spreadsheet & use it to brainstorm & organise your future content creation

What to write in a Facebook group or in a direct message to ask someone to take part

but that's not all...



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What clients are saying...

But Join The Waitlist Now!

currently closed for enrollement

You'll be the first to hear when CTC is back in 2022

Here are

questions to use in your business

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