Create your own brand strategy that helps you                        as an industry expert,                            with ease and build                                            that feels like          .

An 8 week group mentorship program

stand out

sign clients

a profitable

a profitable brand



Tell me if this sounds like you...

You’ve tried to pick an ideal client because every ‘expert’ says you should, but you’re not really sure what information you need to know about them and what stuff is irrelevant. 

You’ve spent way too long making your colour palette because you’re not sure what kind of design is right for your business. The colours you've decided on still don't feel 100% right and have no real strategy behind them.

This lack of visual consistency is putting potential customers off buying from you.

vision you had for your business has slowly changed because you still feel unsure about who you want to help and what exactly the transformation is for your clients. 

You’ve been consistently showing up on social media like everyone tells you to, but you aren’t bringing in the sales you want. 

idea that hasn’t already been done before that will make you stand out. 

You don’t know what your business can do differently because your market feels crowded.

times and you’re still not seeing the results that you want because your indecisiveness is leaving your audience confused.

You’ve changed your target audience a handful of times and you’re still not seeing the results that you want because your indecisiveness is leaving your audience confused.

You’ve changed your target audience a handful of

The original plan and

meaning they're rarely enquiring about working with you

Your confusion is rubbing off on your target audience, meaning they're rarely enquiring about working with you

Your confusion is rubbing off on your target audience,

You’re wondering how you can possibly come up with an


wondering how you can possibly come up with an idea that hasn’t already been done before that will make you stand out. 

At the moment, your voice is getting lost online and at times you’re losing motivation. 

Now it’s time to get the clients in the door so you can start changing their lives for the better and growing your business!

You’ve got the experience, you’ve got the knowledge, you’ve got the qualifications, and you’ve done the courses. 

You know you’re great at what you do.

But how do you make that happen?

I used to ask myself that question too...

When I first started my design business I tried to follow all of the advice from my coaches and online, I wanted to do everything right from the beginning (typical straight-A student right?). I picked a random ideal client, posted on social media consistently (although with no long-term strategy) and hoped the dream clients would come flooding into my inbox.

I soon realised that there were vital pieces of the puzzle missing in my strategy (in fact, let’s be honest, I had no strategy at all!)

I often got enquiries from people who either didn’t understand my services or who weren’t my ideal client. I was desperate to make sales and grow my business, so I'd hop on a discovery call anyway...hoping to sign them and make it work. (FYI that's NOT what you want to be doing!)

Of course, it’s not surprising that none of us clicked, and we never ended up working together because everything was out of alignment. Talk about a waste of time for everyone involved. Although it didn’t feel like it at the time, it was a total blessing in disguise because it forced me to take a long, hard look at my business and my brand.

My audience didn’t understand what my business did and who it could help because I didn’t actually tell them, I shied away from being too specific.

People didn’t pick me over my competitors because I didn’t even know why I was the best choice, meaning I wasn't standing out and I couldn't explain to them             I could uniquely benefit them

I wasted time and energy trying to be more visible but, without clarifying what my brand stood for and what it was, 

It just didn’t happen.

all that effort made no impact on my profits.


After filling those gaps and getting every aspect of my business in sync, things took a major turn.

I nailed my marketing and content strategy and tailored it to an ideal client that matches with the bigger mission of why I started my business in the first place, so I can                                                                                                                  who I love working with each month and fulfil my own purpose in the process.

I have the blueprint to follow so my business can grow and scale into the brand I’ve always dreamed of, and people recognise me for my expertise. I get invited to be a guest expert in coaching programs and to collaborate online with other entrepreneurs, so I can share my knowledge with a larger audience, meaning I 

repeatedly attract the most 

repeatedly attract

dreamy 1:1 clients

the most dreamy 1:1 clients

reach more potential clients and grow

my following, and also my income.

reach more potential clients and grow my following, and also my income.

I create new offers with confidence and excitement because they are truly aligned with my ‘why’. I understand my brand inside out, as well as my ideal client, and knowing that means

my new products

and services not only have a huge impact on my clients’ lives, but also bring me so much joy to create and sell.

Being able to work like this creates the balance between a happy, healthy life and a profitable business. 

all that

effort made no impact on my profits.

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Now I want you to imagine this...

You just signed a new client through a DM conversation, she said yes without even getting on a sales call!

clients already know 100% you're the right choice for them because you’ve built unshakable trust through your online brand!

You have fonts and colours that truly represent the personality of your brand, based on psychology and research.

You feel 100% sure this look

You feel 100% sure this look is right for your business because you've chosen it based on your brand's strategy.

You have a clear plan which lays out the foundations of your business and what your brand is, so you can start outsourcing and building a team that actively works to make your dream business a reality

You show up confidently online, as an authority in your industry, because you are consistently sharing your brand’s core message according to your strategy, meaning 

so you can share

Your dream clients already know 100% you're

Your dream

others see you as the go-to expert. This sparks an

others see you as the go-to expert. This sparks an abundance of business opportunities to come your way

abundance of business opportunities to come your way

your diary to do what is important to you 

freeing up time in your diary to do what is important to you 

- whether that’s work related

is right for your business

 because you’ve chosen it based on your

brand’s strategy.

your message with the world and connect with more potential clients who will majorly benefit from your services.

freeing up time in

or spending time with the important people in your life.

you know exactly who needs your offers and how it’s going to change their life, meaning

Thanks to your solid brand strategy, you know exactly who needs your offers and how it’s going to change their life, meaning

Your brand is expanding as you’re creating new offers - courses, group programs, products or workshops.

you show up confidently to sell and smash your sales goals.

Thanks to your solid brand strategy

Whatever you want to be known for, whatever reputation you want to build, it’s all possible with some careful consideration and a rock-solid plan in place.

Your brand has the potential to become whatever you want it to be.

And that’s exactly what we’re creating in 

Brand Strategy Bootcamp!

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Wednesday 19th January 2022


Week 1: A Clear Vision

You will learn how to choose an ideal client that aligns with your bigger purpose and why.

You will go away with clarity around the kind of reputation you strive to build for you and your business so you can start to take action to achieve it.

You will recognise the strengths in your current online presence and the gaps that you need to fill throughout our time together.

What's included?

To kick off the program, we are envisioning what your future brand has the potential to become, by finding out what kind of business truly lights you up and plays on your strengths. No more following the crowd, copying others and feeling like you are ‘doing it wrong’.

Week 2: Standing Out From The Crowd

You’ll learn how to do effective competitor analysis so you can recognise what you have that they don’t, building up not only your confidence, but also creating a closer bond between you and your ideal clients.

You’ll be able to identify the gaps for opportunities to stand out that you never recognised before.

As scroll-stopping design is another essential piece of the puzzle, you’ll be analysing competitor’s branding and logos to recognise how your business can stand apart visually too.

Learn how to identify the gap in the market that has your name on it, meaning you know exactly what makes you stand out from the rest and can own that space - confidently showing up and sharing your expertise in

your own way.

Week 3: Strategising Your Audience

We’ll learn how emotion influences your audience’s buying decisions and how you can tie an emotional impact to your brand messaging.

We’ll discuss what your ideal clients really want and need from you so you can avoid the guesswork and sell with ease!

You’ll learn how to grow your brand with a customer-focused approach, we’ll dive into how your services directly solve your clients’ problems and really improve their lives.

Your ideal clients only know they’re an ideal fit for your offers if you tell them. But before you can tell them, you have to be clear on who that person is. By choosing a target audience that makes you happy, you’ll be surrounded by amazing people that mean your job no longer feels like work!

Week 4: Your Business Foundations

You’ll learn how to put together your brand’s core values, your vision and mission statement, and your brand positioning statement

We’ll dig deep into your purpose as a founder, what really drives you (beyond helping people and making sales) and you will reconnect with the reason you began this business journey in the first place.

We’ll learn how to decide on your brand’s buzzwords - the words that describe your business and also resonate with your target audience to spark that ‘I-need-to-buy-this’ feeling! 

If you’re on the inside and confused, imagine how your audience and clients feel being on the outside! Every brand has to start with internal clarity. This week, we’re going deep into what your brand actually is, so you can put your value into words and create a reputation as an expert people can trust and want to work with.

Week 5: Ask Your Questions

Half way through the program, we’ll take a pause from teaching so you have the opportunity to implement what you’ve learned so far. This call will be a live Q&A session and your chance to get feedback from myself, and the rest of the group, on how your strategy is coming along.

Week 6: Curating Your Customer Journey

You’ll map out the path people go down so you can intentionally lead your audience to become paying customers and finally, loyal brand advocates. 

You’ll see step-by-step how that journey looks for your audience and close any gaps that mean they fall through the cracks without buying from you.

You’ll evaluate your current customer experience and recognise how you can elevate it, so your clients feel taken care of and supported so they can’t wait to tell others about how great you are to work with. 

The key to consistent sales and making a profit is having enough people discovering your business, making a purchase and then coming back for more so in this session we’ll be mapping out your audience’s journey. 

Week 7: Master Your Marketing

You’ll learn how to grab your audience’s attention so they are like wow, how does she know me so well? Helping them to justify why they need to sign up and work with you right now

Just like we did with your brand’s buzzwords in week 4, you’ll now learn how to define your audience’s buzzwords. This makes sure the content you post resonates with the right people.

We’ll also discuss your overarching marketing strategy (how this differs from a brand strategy) and the content creation process, as well as how to make this way more quick and effective so you have more free time.

This week, we’ll look at your marketing process and how you can make a bigger impact through your content in a shorter amount of time, so marketing your business isn’t taking over your life and you easily feel inspired to create high-quality content that converts into sales.

Week 8: Scroll-Stopping Design

You will have a clear idea of what kind of logo you want for your business after circling back to the competitor logo analysis we did in week 2 to figure out what type of logo will work for your brand.

You’ll learn the psychology behind certain colours and fonts, so you can pick the ones that will make your audience feel a certain way whenever they come into contact with your brand.

You will learn how to create a moodboard that represents your brand, which is something you can use to guide a photographer in your brand photoshoots, to guide your Instagram aesthetic and to help choose stock photography that accurately reflects your business (if you ever need it).

The final piece of the puzzle is combining all the information in your brand strategy to create a look for your business that fits with the personality of your brand, appeals to your audience and feels authentic to you. 

Extra Resources

extra 1

extra 2

extra 3

brand strategy document canva template

colour & font Psychology

extra worksheets with questions & prompts

of course, there's more...

bonus 1

bonus 2

bonus 3

How to

How to
implement your
brand strategy

how to find & define your brand voice

how to use instagram to market & grow your brand

Bonus Masterclasses

but that's not all...

With Sarah

With Emma from The House of Social

Alright, I'm in!

From past brand strategy clients...

8 live calls

Weekly live group calls to teach you, step-by-step, how to craft your own brand strategy, so you stand out in your industry and have a solid, actionable plan to keep your business growing long-term, plus the opportunity to ask any questions at the end of each call that you have about your strategy or your brand.

value 2100€

Voxer group chat

The place where we will all keep in touch between the calls, so you have an extra helping hand when needed, not only from me, but also your fellow program members 

value 600€

3 bonus masterclasses

Guidance from me on how to put your brand strategy into action, learn how to strategically create social media content and grow your following from social media expert Emma, as well as how to craft your brand voice with copywriter and PR expert Delaney.

value 500€

Downloadable resources

Your brand strategy document template which you can fill in section-by-section, week-by-week, a colour and font psychology guide and extra worksheets to compliment each lesson

value 300€

Total Value = 3500€

Is this program right for me?

This is for you if you have been running (or even planning the launch of) your business for a while but you don’t yet feel clear on your business foundations (such as who you help and how, what your values are, and your unique selling point and position in the market).

You’re now ready to commit to a long-term vision for your brand so you can start actually bringing it to life. You realise your business lacks clear direction at the moment and you want to bring each piece of your brand into alignment. You’re tired of changing your plans every few months and instead want to be focusing on growing your audience, your offers and your profits, while being recognised for your expertise - and these are the benefits a clear brand strategy helps you achieve.


How long is this program?

It is an 8 week program with live weekly calls. Every call will be recorded and uploaded to a platform where you can rewatch the lessons and access all the extra materials, so even if you cannot make it live, you can still join the group. You will have access to the recordings and resources even after the live program ends. 

What will I get out of the program?

You will set the foundations of your business so you can transform it into a brand that is well-recognised for its expertise and that people cannot wait to buy from. 

You will have lifetime access to every call, plus all the bonus masterclasses and materials.

When do we kick off?

We start on Wednesday 19th January 2022!

Will there be a chance for 1:1 feedback?

At the end of each call there will be time for Q&A where you can ask questions in front of the group, plus week 5’s session is a full hour of Q&A. This will be a small group so that each person has a chance to share their progress and questions.

If you would like additional 1:1 feedback at any stage of the program, you can book a 90-minute consultation with me which also includes a week of Voxer support.

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