Barlow & Browning

Barlow & Browning is an online boutique based in Texas, USA, that inspires women to be bold and overcome life's obstacles through the fashions they sell, the stories they tell, and the community they create.

Founder Jennifer named her company after her inspirational grandmothers. Then, after meeting other courageous women throughout her life, plus living through her own challenging times, she decided she wanted her online store to be a way to share women's stories, in order to inspire and encourage others. On top of that, each item in their vintage collection has its own unique story behind it which an extra layer of emotional connection to the products.

The vision of the business is to create a strong community of women who are not only customers, but also considered friends, who look good, feel good and dream big. This desire to create personal connection was considered in every aspect of the process, from the brand strategy to the packaging, and also the website design.

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