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Hey! I'm Sarah





Fast-forward to a move to Barcelona, where I knew no one, and a whole lot of inner work, and suddenly there I was, setting up a business!

That change all started from picking up a self-empowerment book at Spanish bookstore. I realised I didn’t need to keep going through the motions, but instead that achieving big dreams was possible, if I changed my mindset.

I wish I could say that the path was smooth but throw in a few of life’s twists and turns and there I was 6 years into a teaching job in another country, feeling stuck.

I looked around and realised that for 6 years, life was passing me by. I was in a job I wasn’t passionate about, living an unsustainable lifestyle, and was surrounded by friends that probably didn’t even deserve that title. 

When I was 14 I told my parents I wanted to be a CEO.

My drive has stemmed from my own journey to becoming a more confident and happy version of myself.

I'm On a Mission To Empower Women & Help Them

This is one of the reasons why I founded Mist Design Co. I know what it is like to feel like it’s better to blend into the background.

That’s why when you work with me, I don’t only talk to you about colours and fonts, but dig deeper to learn about your story & your why because

that is where that magic is.

Stand Out

That giddy,                        feeling is what I strive to achieve with every female founder I work with.

Are you ready for that?

That giddy,

feeling is what I strive to achieve with every female founder I work with.

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When not designing

I can be found drinking copious amounts of tea, on the hunt for the best vegan cake in Barcelona (eating is my fave hobby), or cooking dinner with a glass of wine while dancing to the cringiest pop.