3 Ways to Position Yourself as a Health and Wellness Expert

3 Ways to Position Yourself as a Health and Wellness Expert

How to position yourself as a health and wellness expert is one of the first challenges your small business will face when starting out. You need to be seen as a specialist with high-level expertise so you can start making money and signing clients, although it’s not always easy in the beginning.

Plus, if you’re an entrepreneur who offers 1:1 services, you’re not just building a business but also a personal brand for yourself. 

In this short blog, we’re going to go over three ways you can position your health and wellness business as an expert and sign perfect clients with less effort than ever.

1) Focus your offer on a specific problem to be seen as an expert

People get confused and stop listening when you try to say your one offer solves ten different problems. Fix one thing at a time! 

It’s normal that there will be numerous benefits to investing in your services, but focus on one main benefit in your messaging so you stand out as an expert in getting this one result for your clients. 

Think of it this way, Jack of all trades, master of none. 

No one wants to work with someone whose knowledge only scratches the surface because they deliver so many (likely, mediocre) results. Especially with the vast choice of coaches and health experts out there, people want to work with someone with a deep understanding of their problem. 

You’re dealing with their health and wellbeing at the end of the day, they need to feel comfortable and trust you before they buy, so honing in on their specific struggle will position you as a specialist worth hiring.

Plus, being a specialist in one area means you can price your services higher than that Jack of all trades. We are willing to pay way more for an expert. 

2) Show empathy for what your audience is currently going through

Women, especially, are influenced by their emotions. If they read your content and feel like you just “get it”, they’re gonna gravitate towards you as a solution.

Avoid saying “maybe you’re…” or “it could be that you…”.

No, you know exactly how they feel and don’t have any doubt about what they’re going through. 

Don’t worry about people who read your content and don’t connect with the specific situation and problem you’re talking about. Your content is directly towards dream clients only and those that don’t relate will go off and find their expert somewhere else. 

3) Share social proof of your expertise weekly (or even more often if possible)

Experts have a track record of delivering results. Show them off! (That may even mean working for free right at the beginning or charging less for beta clients) 

Think about when you go to buy a book, or reserve a room in a hotel, what is the first thing you do? Check the reviews of people who have already had the experience, right? We don’t just want the hotel to brag about how great they are, or the author to say their book is worth the read, we want an impartial opinion.

Social proof can start with screenshots of messages and emails with client feedback about your services or sharing a post on social media your client has tagged you in. Resharing these messages is the ultimate way to build trust. 

Want to step it up a notch? Instead of written social proof, share videos!

Ask someone who has experienced your services first hand to talk about how it was to work with you. encourage them to describe how they feel afterwards. Ask them to share if they would recommend you to others – obviously it needs to be a huge yes!! This gets others intrigued about whether you could also help them achieve the same result and ultimately positions you as an expert.

Wondering why social proof works so well?

Check out this HubSpot post all about the The Psychology of Social Proof

Now it’s over to you!

Follow these 3 tips daily and your health and wellness brand will be seen as an expert in no time! Be specific, empathetic & show off those results! Dream clients will be knocking on your *virtual* door asking you to get them the same outcome too.

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3 Ways to Position Yourself as a Health and Wellness Expert

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