3 Reasons You Need Brand Guidelines to Outsource in Your Business

3 Reasons You Need Brand Guidelines to Outsource in Your Business

Do you ever feel like content creation takes up way too much time? Is one of your future goals to outsource? Then you need brand guidelines.

Running a business in this day and age requires us to be showing up online consistently, and in multiple different ways. Whether it’s managing your Facebook or Instagram, possibly Pinterest or even LinkedIn, combined with keeping in touch with those who have signed up to your email list, content creation can be a time-sucking activity, although necessary. 

You didn’t start your business to be bogged down creating content, when really you want to be transforming your customers’ lives through your products or services. You started your business to be spending each day doing what you love and what you’re good at, however as an entrepreneur or solopreneur that isn’t always what happens. 

If you’ve reached the point where you are outsourcing content creation, hiring a virtual assistant, marketing or social media manager, you’ll need brand guidelines. Keep reading to find out why! I’ll also be sharing how to get brand guidelines for your business, whether that is through hiring a designer or making them yourself. 

What are brand guidelines?

Brand guidelines are a document that outlines the visual identity of your business. It includes all your logo variations, brand colours and typography as well as any graphics and patterns. It outlines how to use each element correctly so you can stay consistent and on-brand at all times. 

Why do I need brand guidelines?

Brand guidelines help you stay consistent

As a business, you should have an instantly recognisable look. Your colours and fonts should always be the same, and your various logos should complement each other so they’re familiar to your audience. 

Let’s take Spotify as an example. Whether you open it on desktop or on the mobile app, it’s instantly recognisable. If you receive an email from Spotify, you know what to expect visually, and the same on their social media pages or website. 

If you outsource content creation of any kind for your business, the person doing it must continue that consistent image. 

Branding helps your audience to trust you

Familiarity builds trust with your audience and by following your brand guidelines, you’ll keep your content looking consistent and familiar. 

We’ve all heard of the like, know, trust factor. It basically means that people need to first come across your business, start to like it, get to know it and then finally reach a stage where they trust you enough to buy from you.

To lead people along that journey, you’ll need consistent content so your ideal customers keep paying attention, continue getting to know you and your business which will ultimately lead to sales! 

Brand guidelines save you so much time

You’ll never again have to choose which font to use from a never-ending list of potential options. You won’t need to play around with colours anymore as you have an established colour palette set out, and in your brand guidelines, it tells you exactly how to use these things. 

Which colours are to be used for titles and headings, what colour should your call to action be, what order and size your fonts should be so you’re leading people to read information in the correct order. 

Your VA or social media manager will be able to follow these guidelines to a tee, so that creating content is faster than ever and requires no decision-making in terms of design. 

How do I get brand guidelines for my business?

Hire a Brand Designer

Hiring a professional designer is the best way to create a unique, personalised and one-of-a-kind brand identity for your business. They will guide you through your brand strategy, research multiple creative directions, and allow you to choose the option that feels perfect for your business. 

Your multiple-page brand guideline document will be delivered ready to pass on to whoever you’re outsourcing to plus all your logo files will be delivered in various file-types so they can be used on digital and printed marketing materials. 

To see more about our brand strategy & design services, click here.

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3 Reasons You Need Brand Guidelines to Outsource in Your Business

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