How to grow your business Instagram -

How to grow your business Instagram

While number of followers is seen as a vanity metric, it is an indication of the potential number of people who will see your content. If you consistently grow your business Instagram, it is a good sign that you’re building a community who are interested in your brand, and ultimately, you’re opening the doors to more potential customers in the future.

How to grow your business Instagram by 1,000 followers in 3 months

I started a brand new business page for my design company and at first, I felt pretty silly “talking to no one”. But soon enough, I saw my engagement increase, my followers go up and I was making genuine connections with women around the world. So, here is my advice about what I’ve focused on to grow my business Instagram from 0 to over 1,000 followers within a three month period. 

A strong, consistent and appealing brand identity and messaging

It may be superficial, but let’s be real, you don’t hang around long on an ugly feed. Have a visually enticing profile enough so people hit that follow button. First impressions are everything!

Use your brand colours and fonts throughout your feed so you’re instantly recognisable. Focus on creating a brand identity which appeals to your ideal clients.

Ultimately, it’s those from your target audience that you want to be pressing the follow button. Create a visual identity that aligns with their tastes. If your ideal clients like what they see, they’ll tell you!

It’s not just visual though. Your messaging and content topics should stay consistent and appealing too. They should accurately reflect your business and resonate with the people who are following you. Once you’ve caught their eye visually, they’ll read what you’ve written and watch your videos.

Consistency in your brand image and messaging helps you retain those followers. If they stick around, then you can start to build the like, know, trust factor, which leads to buying in the future!

We’ve all done it – followed someone because at first glance their profile seemed interesting. But then, when you’re scrolling, they’ve shared something that doesn’t fit with their usual messaging or aesthetic. Then we think “who is this and why am I following them?”, which swiftly leads to an unfollow. Stay consistent to avoid this!

Chat in the DMs

Slide into those DMs, baby! Ew, that sounds so sleazy, sorry. To be honest, I haven’t had to do much sliding to get engagement. Through sharing myself, my opinions and my day-to-day, people have started to reach out when we have something in common. Which is lovely! 

I religiously answer my DMs everyday Monday to Friday, and on the weekends too (more than I’d like to admit). If I’m having a good chat with someone, I’ll message back and forth for a while to keep the conversation flowing a bit better.

What are we talking about? 90% of the time it isn’t about branding or web design, I’ll tell you that! Be real, talk like you’d talk to a friend and keep the subjects entertaining and light-hearted at first.

Asking someone’s “big why” or their 5-year goal can be a big turnoff. Anything too personal or that requires a lot of brain power is not a good idea at first. 

If you’re talking to the right people then these conversations will be enjoyable – like talking to a friend! 

Create consistent content

You have to be showing up! Posting content and sharing on stories is a MUST. 

How will people know you exist if you don’t put yourself out there? This is the most time consuming thing, but also the most important thing. 

When you think no one is paying attention, you’ll be surprised how much of an impression you’re actually making. Keep going!

Personally, I like to post in my feed 3-5 times a week. While I have tried to post on the same days each week, admittedly, the days have quite often changed during these first months. Maybe I’ve had a week where I only posted twice due to lack of planning but the world didn’t fall apart.

I also went on holiday for a week and posted absolutely nada in the feed – this was actually the moment when I hit 1,000 followers. Laid by the pool doing nothing but drinking Aperol Spritz (and answering my DMs, as always!) 

My point is, don’t freak out if you get busy and aren’t 100% consistent all the time. We can be 80-90% consistent and still see results. You don’t need to burnout to grow your business Instagram!

Get your business shared or promoted

Getting your business talked about and shared on other accounts is an amazing way to build your followers.

I won a giveaway from High Moon Studio for the epic Designer Training. Their account has over 10,000 followers, so by tagging me in their story, it sparked people to click through to me and follow my page. 

I know what you’re thinking, we can’t all win a giveaway, I know! But you can use your network to get more eyes on your content and grow your business Instagram following. 

The photographer I hired for my brand photoshoot is consistently sharing how I use her photos creatively in my content and on my website. Plus, she wrote a blog about my experience working with her, which linked to my Instagram page. This is all great promotion for her business, while it also helps me to get more eyes on my content.

Also, the Bucketlist Bombshells did a blog feature on my business story and shared it on multiple social media platforms.

Think about how you can add value to other businesses.

Do a joint live on Instagram or story swaps with other business owners who have the same target audience as you. Do a guest training or masterclass in other people’s coaching programs or Facebook groups. If you like to write, do a guest blog post. There are a lot of opportunities to get people onto your profile.

The most important thing of all 

I hate to be a cliché but the biggest key to building your Instagram is simple – be yourself. 

No script writing before getting on stories each day or hours of research before educational posts. 

Start recording stories about what you’re doing each day, sharing the behind the scenes of your working life, and I personally, rant about something that’s annoying me every so often! Surprisingly, an occasional little rant seems to get a lot of engagement if others relate to your frustration!

In your feed, share personal stories, interests and values which align with ideal client’s and educate and help people with tips that relate to your expertise. It’s that simple.

We’re constantly bombarded with tips and advice, and it’s truly impossible to follow everything, however, these are the things that have personally worked for me. I hope these tips have given you some ideas of where you can focus your energy to build your followers.

If you haven’t yet, come on over and say hello on Instagram!

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How to grow your business Instagram

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